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Preceding Dolly ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Come and meet Molly, the creature we cloned
We put her together from cells that we loaned
We mapped her genetics, our recipe's right
Eugenic perfection is now within sight

We mixed things and stirred things to stick in the oven
There's no end to the things that we did to that ovum!
We mashed it and bashed it, prepared it to bake
And when we had finished we prepared for the fake

Who could imagine what came from that goo?
She's not quite the thing that you'd find in a zoo!
What a creation, we thought it'd be easy
Instead of which now we're all rather queasy

She's balanced before us on what seems like a leg
Now surely that wasn't the code from that egg
But what she lacks in her propping she makes up in heads
And she's empty of insides: they're outside instead

She looks quite disgusting as she's hopping around
While her three heads deliver quite a terrible sound
I swear if you saw her you'd quiver and weep
How could this monster pretend it's a sheep!

So it's back down to basics, another new start
To dabble in science and other black arts
We think she's a trial we really must shelf
You'll have to forgive her: she's not quite herself

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