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Purgatory ©

Naomi Hurrell
Suffolk, England

There were lights flashing
I heard sirens and bells
And voices singing to me
Like angels calling for me
But I couldn’t breathe.

I didn’t know where I was
I’ve never known who I am
I could taste the blood
I could feel the heat
I was dying.

I remembered the last words
That you ever said to me
That you loved me
And had always
But now I was leaving.

I couldn’t feel my body
I wanted to cry but I had no control
I wanted to stand up and run to you
To take you with me if I could
But my legs were broken.

I heard them talking all around me
Whispering, as if I couldn’t hear
They pretended that they cared for me
That they were going to grieve
But I could see inside.

I wanted to open my mouth and scream at them
I wasn’t ready to go!
My chest held me down like a rock
I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak
My heart was breaking.

I saw you smiling at me
You were gazing into my eyes
You held my hands and kissed me
I wanted to hold onto you forever
But you were fading away.

I felt God lifting me up
I was floating so freely and so beautifully
And as I looked at my outstretched hands
Your fingers were still holding on
But I had to let you go.

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