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Revenge? ©

Chantal Perron
Aylmer, Canada

Pain is spreading everywhere in my body
Slowly I try to breath the air from outside
You have hurt my soul and my heart
A soul can be replaced with happy thoughts
But a heart cannot be replaced, only healed

It will take time for me to look at you
Seeing that all I was to you was some toy
You never took the time to even know me
For you, I was nothing important
Pretending to love me was not a good idea

Revenge seems so much easier
Yet I don't want to kill your soul
I only want you to suffer the way I did
Sometimes I have doubts about this
But most of the time I think about getting revenge

It might not bring me anywhere in life
One thing is that it will bring me pride
Maybe not happiness, maybe even sorrow
Letting you go after this
Getting rid of you, your soul and your heart

Never will I ever take this from you again
This time, it's not the highway,
It'll be my way and there's nothing you can do
For I will decide if I shall let your heart die
It will be a hard decision but I'm sure I'll make the right one

Courage my friend, for I will be next to you at your funeral
I will send you the flowers after your death
Saying my last goodbyes to you
I will not cry after, I will walk away and laugh
For you never really were the true kind of friend

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