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Scotland Day ©

Marc R. Sherland
Glasgow, Scotland

The wild and purple heather,
With heads held in the sun,
Each stem bends to the weather,
But yearns that race be won. Chorus:
Though others march in order,
We saunter to our goal,
One nation in our border,
One people in our soul.

The fanfare of this anthem,
One nation in our scope,
Our family’s new emblem,
Brings each to each great hope.

Then voices rise united,
In pride this peace to prove,
The Scottish people righted,
The strain of past removed.

In strength we find our virtue,
Our faith is justice plain,
Then let this plan continue,
One voice diverse to reign.

Not kings, but stewards rule here,
Elected to their role,
To shed fortune’s sacred tear,
The flag pins to the pole.

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