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Scottish Ex-pats ©

John McCormick
Orillia, Canada

When I look at Scottish "Ex-pat" sites
I often wonder why.
Itís always, "Do you know me?"
From that pen pal in the sky.

You never went to "ragged" schools
It wis always tae the 'heigh'
Yer hame is in Milngavie
And never in "Mull-guy"

I know a man who planned a 'do'
Said "Who knows me? Iím hame!"
The two town drunks enjoyed it,
They were the only ones that came.

So--if I lent ye oney money,
(And I think ye owe me still?)
Aní yer ready noo fur deein
If thereís siller in yer will?

"Ahím John! I really love ye, and ken ye weel!!"

But if you really want to know your friends,
Just look about and see,
The ones around that you feel and touch,
Are better far, than me.

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