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Seascape ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

Just another seascape after a storm
I walk across the debris covered sand
among that flotsam and the jetsam
discover the broken body of a man.

Vividly I could imagine the scene
the terror while the poor souls prayed
the battering of windblown sea
the horror that they can't be saved.

I can hear the rendering of that ship
as a force of nature tears it apart
the failure even to lower the boats
Oh God! How it breaks my heart!

Within the silence as the wind abates
are the screams of men who are lost
it is then I begin to wonder why
they set sail at such a cost.

Now I watch as the scavengers
go on about their grisly task
the shore is covered with these rats
all wearing that same greedy mask.

Gazing down on that poor dead man
see his look of contentment and peace
and it seems to me this old sea dog
has finally come home from the seas.

Just another seascape after a storm
as I stand there I rant and I rail
cursing the unfeeling cruelty of that sea
which on the morrow I too set sail.

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