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Self-importance of Man ©

Ian McCrae
Muswellbrook, Australia

Looking at some old photographs
I wonder who that could be,
My god my god
It looks like me.

I was only ten years old
I look more like a walking stick,
That is my brother by my side
O my god it makes me sick.

But then on the other hand
I think it just looks grand,
Considering I was only ten years old
It was just the way I stand.

I wasn't a bad looking kid
My brother he's the one that looks sick,
You can see that I could be a hunk
No girl would me the flick.

Yes, I can see that I have something
I would attract the girls,
It's just the way I stand
The way my hair goes in a twirl.

Yes it's me OK
I think that I done good,
I was just in one of them,
You know, a funny mood.

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