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Simple ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Iíve got a super, hardened brain, impervious to knowledge
Iím happy that my super brain denied my chance of college
Not for it, the doctor type, all knowing with the answers
Itíd rather dream of silly things, while others think of cancers

It knows the safest routes for me when Iím crossing busy roads
But it couldnít tell me, honestly, why frogs arenít simply toads
They sort of look the same: you know, sort of, more or less
It was told the difference years ago but whyís another guess

It had learned so very quickly, all those many years ago
To disregard those clever things that it didnít need to know
Itís not important to my brain, proof the universe is endless
It wants to know the orange it buys is juicy, soft and seedless

It knows that fire burns me so it steers me clear of that
Itís also told me, for what itís worth, a lionís a nasty cat
I donít know why it tells me, but perhaps I should take care
Itís a ďjust in caseĒ wee simple fact, a warning to beware

It doesnít know the capitals from all those lands Iíll never see
It only knows the things I know, the things that make me, me
I wonder on those other things, it will decide to just ignore
All those burning issues that it finds are such a bore

It wants to keep me safe and sound, it really is my friend
Itís stuck with me through thick and thin, itís with me to the end
I hope it sees me through the years, from a child to fuddy-duddy
Itís served me well, itís all Iíve got, my grey wee mushy buddy

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