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Stirring Move ©

Jim Glasgow
Adelaide, Australia

I woke before you one cold morn
And lay half dreaming as you slept
While slowly, oh so slowly,
‘cross the quilt the sunrise crept,

as we lay,
you stirred a tiny movement
and you sighed a tiny sigh
and I told myself you said my name
as your dreams meandered by

in heaven's clouds and soft caress
I feel the warmth of you so close to me
And curse this day for dawning
In our small house by the sea

I would lie here in this bed of dreams forever
Of perfumed love and feel complete within
With Gustav’s best adagio in my memory's ears
And my fingers tracing tiny circles on your skin

Then as you roused and stretched and smiled hello
And I choked on love and held you so
And brushed my lips against your cheek
whispering words all lovers seek

and having loved again in each’s arms we lay
and however comes each hour
loving, laughing , kissing, crying,
we dispose the day.

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