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Stymie Ruffel ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Stymie Ruffel was a man,
Who always said, "can do can"
But when it came right down to it
His talents were not up to it
He tried but failed to write a book
So got his mates in to take a look
They said, "hey, we share this problem
Why not let's do it all in one, chum?"
They got a book without an author
So no one could be blamed for this 'philosophy' slaughter
And it failed with no surprise
Because it's nonsense and gave not a rise
To imagination or philosophical deduction
Instead, a ruse, a gentle induction
To deference and subjugation
His young students thrived on their seduction
And Stymie, while stifling those with thoughts
Did thrive on his 'ingenious' toss
And mild and nasty he continued
Did delude himself into
Where he did plaster his great foe
So she would not expose him so
He stole her ideas
And claimed them his own
But little did he know
She had tapped his phone
And got the evidence for his exposure perfect
And when the day came
She let him have it
In a meeting, filled with her allies
She placed a camera
To enjoy his demise
He came in proudly and got right to it
They let him dig himself right in it
But he's happy
With a monthly PAYE cheque
Which helps to delude him
'His efforts are worth it'
He's lost his conscience
He's lost his person
And now the rest of us
Must tolerate his nonsense

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