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Take Me With You ©

Adalbert S. Naval
Winnipeg, Canada

Take me with you
wherever you are,
In your thoughts and dreams
no matter how far,
I am from your sight
to trust and believe,
That my words were true
although hard to conceive.

Give me time to prove
that my feeling is real,
When the day has come
I'll be there to heal,
The longings we keep
and sadness we bear,
For I'll comfort you
when I'm already there.

You are a part of me
more than you ever know,
As I face my world
you're here wherever I go;
For each night and day
how I wish you are near,
The way we used to be
to say "I am here."

Sometimes I feel alone
being always this way,
Please give me a sign
to face another day,
With no reason to worry
of slowly loosing you,
That you said a silent goodbye
for we are through.

Please let not the distance
divide us apart,
That our friendship and love
are just from the start.
But no matter how far you are,
I'm here to stay,
As the moment we first met
and till we find our way,
Someday, somewhere,
to make our dreams come true,
Remember wherever you are
please take me with you.

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