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The Arden Oak ©

Mary Queen of Scots (In a nutshell) Part 9

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

‘Och! Mary, Mary, whit is it noo?
Ye’re due in Dunbar oan the morrow at two.’
‘Och! Darnley, Darnley, ye havenae a clue
Can ye no’ see my hoarse has a stane in it’s shoe?’

They had ridden a’ day, frae yon Ballantrae
Where Shuggie the smuggler an’ his doankey abides
Ye’ll find them there, durin’ Glesga Fair
Gein’ a’ the Gleswegian weans doankey rides.

‘Noo listen Darnley, when we get tae Stra’ven Castle
I dinnae want ye gein’ me ony mair o’ yer hassle
I want a room wi’ a view, an’ an en suite loo, right?
I’m no’ gonnae sleep rough, like I had tae dae last night.’

‘Under yon big oak tree at Arden
An’ wi’ a’ yon big burly Busby men
An’ wi’ a’ yon big acorns stickin’ in my ribs
An’ wi’ yon big Clydesdale lickin’ at my…’

‘Och! Mary, Mary, will ye no’ gie me peace
An’ anyway, that wisnae the hoarse.

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