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The Battle ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

They came down from the hills screaming battle cries,
they knew in this battle the toll would be high.
They had gathered an army from all the clans,
who were willing to fight to the very last man.
The enemy stood firm a sight to behold,
so they knew to win they would have to be bold.
The battle commenced and the struggle was hard,
but they fought like demons to gain every yard.
This was a battle that had to be won,
though clearly outnumbered three to one
They fought for the land of which they were proud,
and though outnumbered they would not be cowed.
They knew their freedom could not be bought,
and to gain it this battle had to be fought.
They were ruled by a king who was evil and cruel,
and now was the time to put an end to his rule.
The fighting was bloody many lives were lost,
though there was no time to count the cost.
The battle over the enemy overcome.
A great victory was gained and freedom was won.

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