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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

London was bombed and fires raged,
while people prayed and God was paged.
But the Germans cheered their Fûhrer with glee,
for further rape and pillage on the sea.

Coventry and Hull also got a visit from the Hun,
and the Germans thought this was so much fun.
Sinking ships and attacking trains,
killing women and their weans.

But alas for the Germans when the tide did turn,
and it was their time to burn.
As Dresden was bombed and Nature helped,
to destroy this evil the Fatherland had whelped.

Women and children dismembered and gassed,
the evil of the Swastika had been uncovered at last.
And those who prayed helpless in now shattered pews,
while Hitler vented his wrath on hapless Jews.

The Nazies clapped and jeered as others died,
but like King Canute, they could not halt the tide
of retribution that they had so brutally earned,
as offers of surrender were so casually spurned.

If bombing Dresden was considered a sin,
consider the plight of children hiding under tin.
A corrugated metal box in the back yard of a house,
with hardly enough room to swing a wee mouse.

The bomber bully-boys reaped a rash of good fun,
until they ran into Brit Tommy also armed with a gun.
Then they turned tail to get home before dark,
but most didnít make it and paid for their bombing lark.

They had held the World to ransom for five dark years,
and finally brandished garden forks and home made spears.
Any Hun found now with a gun should be banned for his folly,
and beaten severely with a foot long twenty pound frozen fruit lolly.

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