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The Clearance ©

Ronald Deakin
Slough, England

I will see you no more,
By the Loch's bonny shore,
And oor bairns will never run free.
It's a land far away where my bairns must play,
And think off their Scotland and me.

For I will not go, at the hands of our foe,
It's the lands that are here that I love,
Not far away where my bairns must play,
But here with the crags up above.

By my own weary hand I have toiled this land.
Now the Landlords they want to raise sheep.
So they say we must go, to a land we don't know.
It's no wonder our womenfolk weep!

So I will join with the Clans,
To fight for our lands,
Though the battle will be long and tough.
I will never give in! I've committed no sin!
To this Scotland, the land that I love.

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