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The Flickering Flame ©

Stephen Reay
Stranraer, Scotland

A candle was lit, the day you were born,
A delicate light in our dark.
As parents we watched your flame flicker gently,
As on life's trip you embarked.
We both made a promise to love you for life,
For all of our nights and our days.
As parents we'll watch and take care over you,
In all of the possible ways.
The flame of the candle seemed less bright one day,
It seemed to have lost all its charm.
As parents we prayed to our Lord up above,
That our baby would come to no harm.
Yet all of our praying, to help you get well,
Has fallen on waste barren ground.
As parents we listened to your laboured breath,
Until we could hear no sound.
We prayed one more time during that evening,
To ask if Our Lord, Jesus might
Make room for the smallest of Angels,
To visit and sit by His right.
The flame that had flickered for such a short while,
Has left our hearts broken in two,
As parents we'll cherish the time that we had,
Being Mummy and Daddy to you.

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