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The Fullness of Vanilla Pods ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

If my thoughts of you
Were a hot coffee machine
The flavour of Irish Coffee would tickle
My nose and I would lap up with relish
Not only the cream

If my love for you
Was a wild rose bush
The most beautiful bud would sprout
From gnarled brambles
In the sun, wind and frost

If my feelings for you
Were a Scottish distillery
I drank a glass of whisky of course
Well-measured out as salutary medicine
For your good

If my longing for you
Was a picturesque lavender field
I collected countless flowers
And put them into soft slumber pillows
Against the lonely nights

If my memories of you
Were a fragrant spice factory
I mixed from the fullness
Of the vanilla pods and saffron a combination
That remains unforgettable

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