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The Guarding Unicorn ©

Hany Haggag Abdl Mobdy
Cairo, Egypt

I've lost the smile the shine of the day
Come on people listen to what I shall say
I shall tell you a story that happened so long ago
A great love story that fate did blow

A charming guy unhappy from inside
With a simple heart and great pride
A smile on the face, a tear in the eye
With a loud sound of laughter inside of a cry

Alone in this world until he found you
A stranger in the life that you lead him to
A life full of love, full of peace, full of care
And a faithful friend that is always there

You taught him the meaning of a pure smile
You took him far away from his exile
Always with him never left him alone
As a weak glory guarded by a unicorn

But pleasure was over and the sun fades fast
And the great love story is written to be past
Suddenly all the world turned upside down
And he became a king with a wooden crown

You left him alone and went away
Forgetting your future, forgetting yesterday
You turned your back on him and cried
Go away cause my love for you had died

And again a smile on the face and a tear in the eye
With a loud sound of laughter instead of a cry
When the guarding unicorn dashed her glory
This was the end of the great love story.

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