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The Hat ©

During the demolition of a certain hoose, Robert Burns has a few words with the owner!

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr Moose
"Here comes that murderous Ploo
It'll hae me oot ma hoose the noo
Nay matter how much I coory doon
That terrible blade will be on me soon."

"Ah Didnae ken it wis yer wee hoose
A'm awfie sorry Mr. Moose
But a just hae tae toe the Line
A, dinnae get nae double time."

Mr Moose
"Despite awe his forgiving ways
This really hasnae made ma day
No matter his words of care
My poor we hoosie is nae there
And as fir Panic, I'll tell you what!
Ma stomach nearly lost the lot
Take that horse and that ploo
And get yersell awa the noo!
And we'll say mare o' this
And a'll sort oot aw the things a'miss."

"A ken your kind
Yi chase mi oot, then say dinna mind
If I could hae ma way
It would be the last word, yi'd get tae say.
But since am no that kind o' moose
An al-though took great pleasure in my wee hoose."

"Em--Whit aboot some compensation
A hear its the goin' thing aboot the nation
To compensate me for this mishap
Bend yir heid an' a'll hae yir cap."

"Gae yi ma Cap, frae this wee boy!
a thoat yi wur a member of the hoypaloy?
A'll……… get yi ma auld woollen bunnet
An yi can snuggle doon an hae gid fun in it."

Mr Moose
"Okay Robert, it's a deal
A grey tweed bunnet has a snugly feel
Now when Autumn comes and you cut the crop
Remember Mr Moose, or yir fir the chop!"

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