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The Heart of the Tartans ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Blood brothers and sisters
Let us sail with the wind of dreams
To the heart of Caledonia to the roots of our wishes
We sail to the red sunsets
We kiss the Glens
And walk to the ancient fields of glory days
The summer wind touches the blooming flowers of my country
Our hearts were painted in the colours of the tartans of our Clans
Bagpipes sing me a song of magic moments
The Flower of Scotland's pride will grow near the roots of our hopes
Dance with me to the sweet highland dance
Listen to the melodies of the rhythm of the tartan hearts
We walk all the miles to the Atlantic shores
And I have kissed the beauty of the bonnie banks so many times
In my breast I can hear and feel the heart of the tartans
Thistles in the wind will dream from the clear water of life
Eagles in the skies kiss the heart of the Scottish tartans
Mountains of black and gold have seen so many lost dreams
But my dear little sweet highland queen you are the rose of my life
Let us run through the blooming heather once again
And the warm softly summer rain will bloom in our hearts
Like the heart of the tartans of Scotland's pride
Near the waterfalls I have kissed the heart of the last rose
Now she is my bride and greatest love forever
Together we kiss the heart of the tartans of the Clans

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