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We have just had the Melbourne gardening show held in the Melbourne Exhibition Building and surrounds, built and designed by Dame Melba's old man who came from Lanarkshire Scotland... something to behold. This little offering won't mean much to gardeners in the northern hemisphere because you have rain and more rain and then some. Make allowances, this is after all Australia of which I speak.

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia
Date - can't remember

After all the effort,
was it really worth the time,
to move things here and move things there,
clothes stained with dirt and grime?

To put the Agapanthus
where the Daisy used to be,
to buy a hanging basket
and nail it to a tree.

To watch it's flora flourish
view with contented sigh,
to nurse it, feed it, kiss it,
then slowly watch it die.

Oh! was it really worth it,
when all's been said and done?
Are you sure, to spread manure
was really so much fun?

To wage an endless battle
with slugs and bugs and snails,
and after all that trouble,
bruised hands and broken nails.

But... when you get to spring time
and then you look around,
to the glory that surrounds you,
fertility abounds.

You know it was all worth it ...
that was of course until
you opened up your mail one day,
to read the
water bill.

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