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The Magical Pharmacist from Old Phoo King ©

(Praise be to Matt McGinn!)

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Phoo King was a friendly town,
a tourist haven too.
Last year their trade was blighted by
an outbreak of Phoo King Flu.
The place became a hovel.
No more picturesque or neat.
With townsfolk dropping all around,
in the middle of the Phoo King street.

The Phoo King Mayor was anxious.
What on earth was he to do?
Scared that any Phoo King visitor,
if took ill might Phoo King sue!
So he asked the Phoo King Pharmacist,
for an immunisation plan.
Coz there's no-one can sort out the Phoo King Flu,
Like the Phoo King Pharmicist can.

He gathered his Phoo King potions,
on his Phoo King Pharmacy's bench.
He opened the the lids,
then the window undid,
to get rid of the Phoo King stench.
Throughout the long night,
he mixed with all might,
until at last he was sure.
He said a quick prayer, then announced to the Mayor,
he'd come up with a Phoo King Flu cure.

The townsfolk all gathered, took the potion then lathered.
But the cure, it did work. (Which was nice!)
Though if tourists, you be,
and Phoo King wish to see?
I'd advise you, to think Phoo King twice.

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