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The Men Only Razor? ©

For Father's Day?

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Necessity is truly, the Father of invention.
Inspiring gadgets, too numerous to mention.
So with this in mind, consider my creation,
Designed for harmonious family relations.

How many poor men, by the mirror have stood,
thinking, "Why are my neck and chin, dripping with blood?"
"I'm sure the blade's only been used once before,
so why does it look like, it's just planed the floor?"

No, it hasn't been dulled by some Stainless-steel louse,
unless that's your pet-name, for the women of the house!
It must be sub-conscious. I'm sure they don't mean it.
They've worked out how to use it....
but not how to clean it!

Though the sugar-soap, wax and the creams leave them slicker,
When they're in a hurry,...your razor is quicker!

And so I designed my grate innovation.
to reduce the face stripping of men of all nations.
With my lockable blade-head, no more will you wince.
For it's micro-chip sensor, knows only your prints!

It's set when it first meets, your forefinger and thumb,
After which they can never shave, their oxsters, legs or bum!

The prototype works a treat, one slight drawback to tell..
I'm now working on men only shaving gel!

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