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The Modern Magna Carta ©

I wrote this piece many years ago when I was young to celebrate United Nations Day. I was, dare I say, idealistic and quite naive, however if one is able to put aside little glitches like Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a few minor clashes in Africa as well as the celebrated freedom of the many ex members of the great Russian empire, The UNO have done an admirable job. (don’t give up your day job)

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia
Date: a long time ago

International harmony,
good neighbours the objective,
human rights, and dignity,
the world's ideal collective.
Dumbarton oaks, like Runnymede
the signing of the charter,
old Franklin D. devised the name
of the modern Magna Carta.

When first the League of Nations
failed to score a goal,
the Moscow declaration
was affirmed to fill the hole.
In Forty-three the USA,
the UK, and the Reds,
got their act together
and agreed to share their beds.

Dumbarton Oaks in Forty-four
the only game in town.
This strange group of bedfellows
discovered common ground.
Dumbarton Oaks in Forty-four
a new day starts to dawn,
ambivalent bedfellows
the battle plans are drawn.

"We the people of the UNO.
will stop the scourge of war
The Apocalyptic Universal Foe,
“the dreaded horsemen four”.
“We'll stop them in their bloody tracks
for future generations"
They then began to pat their backs
in self congratulations.

Necessity as we all know,
is the mother of invention.
The road to Hell we also know
is paved with good intention.
Yet - the Sickle, and the Sceptre,
the Crescent and Old Glory,
must join together somehow
to complete this wishful story.

"It's coming yet as come it may
it's coming soon for all that,
that man to man the world oe'r
shall brothers be for all that."
For Holocaust and millions dead,
our penance now we pay.
Lets forge our union, and our resolve,
on United Nations day.

from an extreme sceptic,
lets keep trying,
surely, somebody out there, somewhere,
has got to believe in something.

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