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The Moon ©

Deborah Lloyd

Shining beacon of the night,
Earth's stony satellite.
Catch us in your icy gaze.
Let fall on us thy silvery rays.

Your pale complexion, cold and grey,
we see you not throughout the day.
When darkness falls we see you nigh,
still and icy in the sky.

With the setting of the sun,
your nightly vigil hath begun.
'Til the light of day doth break,
thy shall sleep and later wake.

Second always shalt you come,
to the might of the fiery sun.
Still I love your whitish glow,
as I worship you from far below.

Each night 'tis you I seek to find,
lest you wander from my mind.
Never shall I e'er forget,
the way your rays thou dost project.

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