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The Terrible Secret ©

James Mutch Crockett
Hong Kong, China

I know a secret,
too difficult to tell,
all about betrayal,
and broken hearts as well.

A terrible revelation,
that makes the blood run fast,
and for all the love imparted,
how could it ever last.

There is no easy answer,
the future hard to see
and in the pain and anger,
who has suffered more than me.

When I found out what had happened,
there was nothing I could do,
my finger rang the door bell,
and I could only think of you.

Was it me who sent you running,
did I set you upon this path,
do I have to pay the penalty,
of self inflicted wrath.

How could I see it coming,
while looking the other way,
for my blindness and stupidity,
I am the one to pay.

My lips are sealed forever,
there is no one I dare tell,
for the saying of it would ruin you,
and destroy myself as well.

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