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The Way Back ©

by Hamish M Anstruther
Written at the time when terrorist activity in Aden was gradually subsiding, the Argylls had re-taken the Crater district, and the possibility of a settlement to the conflict was in sight. This is one of a trilogy of Poems written by a serving soldier.

O Land! of fire and latent power,
That bleedeth red in thy twilight hour,
Whose sons pass on like fleeting dreams,
Once honoured, revered, in high esteem.

O Land! who gave us knowledge bright,
Wondrous teachings of stars and light,
Men of wisdom travelling far,
Fighting, conquering, winning wars.

O Land! torn by turmoil and strife,
Writhing, dying, losing life,
Hopeless causes, falling short,
Broken spirits, bodies that hurt.

But Hark! amid the anguish, a song
Triumphant sounding, a joyful throng!
New life shines through this memorable hour,
Swelling, blooming, a verdant flower!

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