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The Way It Is ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

I would love to hear the birds
As I watch them fly away,
I would love to hear their voices
At the break of day.

Just to hear the ocean
As I walk across the sand,
Just to hear a sound
That would be something grand

The crackle of the frost
As I walked across the snow,
Simple things like sound
It seems to come and go.

I can still remember
The way it used to be,
My mother's voice so gentle,
In the way she spoke to me.

I could then listen to the wind
As it whistled through the trees,
Tune in to the countryside
Without a thought, with ease:

I can’t complain, life’s been grand
I was brought up on a farm,
I would listen to the wild birds call
I could hear the raindrops fall.

Sometimes the sounds come back
Full blast,
I know how the die
Is cast.

The wintertime’s they have come and gone
I have the time to sing a song,
The things of beauty that I can see
All of this was meant to be.

If there was something I could give to thee
I wonder what that would be,
I have a family I love them dearly
All my love, most sincerely.

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