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Time Is Not ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Unending for those who wait
An eternity takes forever
One heart beats without stopping
A tear falls unnoticed
Long are the moments without you
Near to my soul I cherish a spirit
Life and love combined
Inside my broken heart you visit
Giving me strength
Loving me and in time
Our time will come

Streams woven from crystal clouds
Made by my kingdom of true fantasies
Feelings floating to the atmosphere
Something is riding on my wings of a butterfly
A chill runs down my spine
Tonight I saw a wizard and a sorcerer
He is my own little sandman
He cooked his magic dreams for my soul
Rose petals melting the sunshine leafs of golden wonders
Time is not a kiss of the past
Once I saw millions of stars in my own universe
Like a rose on the grave of love
Magic moments touch my heart
The dusk of future wears a beautiful dress
At the end of the bridge
I will jump into the deepest love
And my wings will carry me to you my princess rose

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