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Tribute to a Scottish Soldier ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Here's to the men of the Scottish Division
From the time the world began.
And here's to the Pipes and Drums as they march
Each man to serve his Clan.
Remember the Seaforths, the Camerons, the Argylls,
The Black Watch, the Gordons with their cocky wee smiles,
The Cameronians, The Royal Scots and the KOSB,
The HLI, the Greys and the Bold Fusilier with a glint in his eee'.
Think of their honours, in battles they have won,
Think of the fathers, the brothers, the sons,
Think of the scars that we cannot see,
And the lands far away, that they have set free.
Now Honour these men from the present to the past,
With great pride in your heart and thoughts that will last.

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