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Sola Ogunbayo
Ogun State, Nigeria

When I remember how the withered flower
Gained more greenery;
How the thirsty grass gulped with delight
Fresh morning dew...
It was the day I said I love you
It struggled from my tongue like a stammerer
Like a fainting Romeo,
Hit by Cupid's arrows.
When I remember how one song from me
Was echoed by passing angels;
How an angry cheetah forgives a deer...
It was the day I said I love you
A long buried oath
Painfully dug from my delicate recesses;
A piece of coal from my sacrifice.
What crimson is redder than our pure blood?
What purity matches the truth
Of our loveliness?
When I remember how two sides of a coin
Become one;
How a lioness forgives a prey
Uduak, it was the day I said I love you.

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