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War to end all Wars ©

Dennis Capper
Victoria, Australia

Tall strong, lean and bronzed,
Were the young men who fought there,
Slaughtered in their thousands,
At that place called Poziers.

Poziers was just one battle,
In that war to end all wars,
But the flower of Australia's young men,
Fought and gave their all,

The blood, the dust, the shells and wire,
Made that dreadful place obscene,
They were cut down in their thousands,
Those tall men, strong and lean,

They advanced across the dusty ground,
Into sheets of flying lead,
Slaughtered in their thousands,
Those young men, tall, now dead,

They fought this war to end all wars,
Those young men tall and brave,
For peaceful co-existence,
Their precious lives they gave,

They fought the foe at Poziers,
At Arras and on the Somme,
They sought to stop all conflicts,
By fighting this last one,

They could not have known as years went by,
Those tall men, young and brave,
that greed, insanity and brutal force,
Would erase all that they gave,

They were betrayed by politicians,
Who had a chance to stamp out war,
But strife has happened often,
Since those young men gave their all.

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