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Why Senga? ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Of aw the names they could have picked,
Frae thoosans in the book,
They gi’d her wan, they widnay use,
In case the mickey wiz took.

They didnay ca` her Margaret,
For fear she’d get ca’d Maggie.
They really wanted an Agnes, but,
How day ye stop’ em cawin’ her Aggie?

A stroke o bloody genius,
An no a minute too soon,
“We can still get her christened Agnes,
but then we’ll turn it roon.”

So that’s how wee Senga, acquired the name.
It appears that some backward parent’s tay blame.

If a hid been a Lassie,
A widnay be o’erjoyed,
saddled wi a name that sounds like,
Yir joost clearin yer adenoids!

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