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Words Fail Me ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

No learnéd words of mine
by diligent language study
no writer's skill with verse
nor poetic licence body
can express my dark moods
or prevent me feeling empty

She sadly left my world
one desolate April Sunday
though parting best of friends
her leaving left me lonely
and flowers did not bloom
that dejected April Monday

Her image fills my dreams
with elegant breathless beauty
her scented pale white form
drifts graceful through my reverie
but restless nights remind me
how much I miss her company

No brightness in my life
my days no longer sunny
sad teardrops flood my eyes
her going left me unhappy
and the distant cruel space
between us grew more lengthy

No passion for us now
no torrid hours of ecstasy
no stolen lover's touch
no entwined limbs so closely
but her essence will remain
in my heart for all eternity

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