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Glossary of Scots Words

Click on a letter and wait a moment for the Glossary to load.

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J        K        L        M        N        O        P        Q        R       


S1 (sab - shuin)       S2 (shuir - spavie)       S3 (spavit - sypins)      


T        U        V        W        Y       

Who are the Scots?

Sheena Easton (Sheena Orr) (1959 - ) Pop singer. Born in Bellshill. Her career was boosted by the BBC TV documentary 'Big Time' which showed how EMI manufactured a 'star' from an unknown. Notable for the theme of the James Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only' in 1981. Her song '9 to 5' was a top ten hit. Now based in USA.

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