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A Wee Deoch-an'-Doris

Sir Harry Lauder

There's a good auld Scottish custom
That has stood the test of time.
It's a custom that's been carried out
In ev'ry land and clime.
Where brother Scots are gathered,
It's aye, the usual thing:
Just before we say "Good nicht!"
We raise our cups and sing:

Just a wee deoch an' doris,
Just a wee drap, that's a'.
Just a wee deoch an' doris,
Afore ye gang awa'.
There's a wee wifie waitin',
In a wee but an ben.
If ye can say "It's a braw, bricht,
Moonlicht nicht.",
Then yer a'richt, ye ken.

I like a man that is a man,
A man that's straight and fair:
The sort o' man that will and can
In all things do his share.
I like a man, a jolly man,
The sort o' man, you know,
The chap that slaps your back and says,
"Jock, jist afore ye go . . .


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