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Scottish Songs

The songs of Scotland have been derived from a variety of sources, including:-

  • Robert Burns - whose influence has been very pronounced
  • the border ballads - Sir Walter Scott has been highly influential in this regard
  • the bothy ballads - especially from the North East of Scotland
  • the fishing communities - especially up and down the East Coast of Scotland
  • the street songs from our main cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen

Traditional Scottish Songs

This sample of traditional songs of Scotland reflect these many influences and sing of our national culture, history and people.
  1. A Guid New Year Tae Ane an Aw’
  2. A Wee Deoch an' Doris
  3. Ae Fond Kiss
  4. Auld Lang Syne
  5. Blue Bells O' Scotland
  6. Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
  7. Bonnie Dundee
  8. Bonny Mary of Argyle
  9. Charlie Is My Darling
  10. Coulters Candy
  11. Dark Lochnagar
  12. Flower O'Scotland
  13. Highland Cathedral
  14. Is There, For Honest Poverty
  15. Leezie Lindsay
  16. Mhairi's Wedding
  17. My Ain Folk
  18. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
  19. Scotland The Brave
  20. Scottish Soldier
  21. Scots Wha Hae
  22. The End of the Road
  23. The Road To Dundee
  24. The Road to the Isles
  25. These are my Mountains
  26. The Skye Boat Song
  27. Uist Tramping Song
  28. Westering Home
  29. Wild Mountain Thyme
  30. Ye Banks and Braes

Who are the Scots?

George Cleghorn (1716 - 1794) Army surgeon who discovered that quinine bark acted as a cure for Malaria, a form of which was endemic in Britain at that time.

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