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Some Modern Poets and Their Works

Over 200 Writers from 29 Countries around the world contribute to this web site

The original poems by modern Poets cover a wide range of topics. Some are sad, some are humorous and some are poignant. We hope that they will amuse, stimulate and inspire you.

We want these pages to portray the real Scotland, from the point of view of the people who currently live there, have lived there in the past, or have any connection with Scotland.

Perhaps you would like to make comment about Scotland, its people, places, way of life, politics, society, education or anything that appeals to you or particularly annoys you. Perhaps you have spent a holiday there, have met a Scot visiting your own country or have read something about the Scots which has stimulated you to contribute your own slant on any matter relating to Scotland and its people.

To do this, we need you to send us YOUR poems for publication on this web site. This site is open to everyone, no matter what writing style, standard, age, origin or gender. The more diverse the contributions we have, the better - that's what makes poetry so moving, interesting and enjoyable!

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Who are the Scots?

Adam Smith
(1723 - 1790)
Born in Kirkcaldy, Fife he became an economist whose book 'Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations' contained the founding principles of the concept of political economy. He later was appointed professor at the University of Glasgow.

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